Twins for Mukwege raised €1500 through Instagram for the Mukwege Foundation

Two young female activists, known as @twinsformukwege, initiated an inspiring campaign to raise €1500 for their donations to the Mukwege Foundation for the celebration of their 21st birthday.

Born in Belgium and raised by a Congolese mother, two young female activists, Magali and Jessica, initiated a 39-day campaign to raise awareness about conflict-related sexual violence and to collect donations for the Mukwege Foundation through their Instagram account, @twinsformukwege. They announced the grand total of 1500 Euros at the celebration of their 21st birthday on October 21st, 2019.

“We were raised by a beautiful woman who was born and raised in Kivu. Ever since we were little, she has told us all about Bukavu and her beautiful country, Congo. We might not all be connected by blood but it sure feels like it. We’d like to consider us all like one family, and it breaks our heart to see our family suffer.” Motivated to help, Magali and Jessica decided to start this campaign to help survivors to amplify survivors’ voices.

Magali and Jessica raised awareness about conflict-related sexual violence by introducing a variety of projects done by Panzi Hospital and the Mukwege Foundation, such as holistic care which promotes a combination of medical, psychological, legal and socio-economic support to survivors. They also shared stories of survivors and posts by the Panzi Foundation.

Magali and Jessica used online platforms like Instagram to make real, tangible change by sharing our message and winning support and donations.

You too can make a difference. Will you start a fundraiser?

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People are suffering. How can we just watch and let this happen when dozens of women are getting killed and raped daily by rebels?”

Magali and Jessica, @Twinsformukwege
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