Drawing a red line to end conflict-related sexual violence

Thinking of You

The Hague, 2024

A public art installation by Alketa Xhafa Mripa, in collaboration with the Mukwege Foundation, The Municipality of The Hague and the Embassy of Kosovo in the Netherlands. This art installation is dedicated to survivors of sexual violence in conflict. 



Created by artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa as an act of collective listening and healing.

In 2015, thousands of dresses, each carrying the stories of survivors of sexual violence from the Kosovo War, filled the Pristina football stadium in Kosovo. This was the birth of the Thinking of You art installation created by conceptual artist Alketa Xhafa Mripa. In 2024, Alketa Xhafa Mripa is teaming up with the Mukwege Foundation, the Kosovo Embassy and Municipality of The Hague in the Netherlands. Together, we are recreating a global Thinking of You art installation and campaign in The Hague from 3 June until 28 June 2024.

This time, the dresses will be donated by survivors of sexual violence and human rights supporters in solidarity with survivors worldwide.  

Join us in this global awareness-raising campaign. You can learn more about Alketa Xhafa Mripa here.


Sexual violence as a weapon of war is uniquely destructive.


Fear & Stigma

Stigma stops many survivors from speaking out, and children born of rape face lifelong stigmatisation and discrimination.

Broken communities

As a weapon of conflict, sexual violence aims to demoralise a community and destroy its resilience.

Lack of accountability

Authorities fail to hold perpetrators to account, preferring to maintain the status quo, enabling impunity and fuelling further abuses.


Together, we must end sexual violence as a weapon of war.

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