A report by Amnesty International published this week found sexual violence in the civil war in South Sudan to be used systematically by all parties.

Together with members of the global survivor network which includes victims of wartime sexual violence from 14 countries around the world, we urge the international community to take action to end the atrocities.

“The South Sudanese government has failed and has been guilty as well of these heinous crimes,” said a South Sudanese member of the survivor movement that was initiated by the Mukwege Foundation. “The world should get involved in order to support individual victims and address the issue generally.”

The South Sudanese activist emphasized the immediate need for gynecological and mental care of these victims. “Many have become mothers after the rapes, many have their bodies deformed and others suffer from mental consequences. They have to deal with these realities for the rest of their lives.”

The Mukwege Foundation facilitates the creation of a global network of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. We help them to them to speak out and lead the fight against the use of rape as a weapon of war. Read more about the global network of survivors.

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