Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

Connect, exchange, speak out

A global movement of sexual violence survivors

We support women from 14 different countries from all continents to join forces. Together, they are building a global network that connects survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.


Rape is a silent, often invisible crime. The pain and the consequences it causes are hidden.

Now victims of conflict-related sexual violence from 14 different countries from all continents are standing up.

The Mukwege Foundation helps them to connect and create a global network. Together, they are able to draw attention to the use of rape as a weapon of war and demand the changes necessary to end the violence and achieve justice.

We facilitate the creation of the movement by providing a forum to meet and exchange ideas. Through our own network, our contacts with the media and our reach on social media, we support the group to get their message out to a global audience.

When survivors speak up, the use of sexual violence as a tactic of warfare and terrorism can no longer be ignored.


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As part of their first meeting, survivors used music and dance, photography, art and poetry to show their healing process and their transformation from victim to actors of change.

Women took to the stage to draw attention to the use of rape as a weapon of war and called for the violence to end. Read more about the exhibition by survivors of sexual violence.

Exhibition by survivors of sexual violence in conflict. Photo: Mukwege Foundation/Jeppe Schilder


In the media:

Voice of America: “Survivors of wartime rape break the silence” (read)

Paris Match: “”L’indignation ne suffit pas” : Maria-Teresa de Luxembourg s’engage pour les victimes de violences sexuelles de guerre” (read)

Svenska Dagbladet: “Såldes som sexslav av IS: ”Vi var köttstycken”” (read)

RTL Luxembourg: “La Grande-Duchesse visite une expo de victimes de conflits” (read)




I once was under a shadow. I want every survivor to be out of the shadow and to be into the light. (participant from Rwanda)






For women, this is a turning point in the fight for their cause. (The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg)