A message of support and solidarity from survivors for Asian “comfort women”

Survivors of wartime sexual violence from twelve countries are urging the Japanese government to formally recognize the suffering of the women who were victimized by the military sexual slavery system of Japan during World War II.

Members of the Global Survivor Movement are demanding the Japanese state to recognize the harm it caused to approximately 200,000 women who were forced to serve soldiers as sex slaves. Japan has so far refused to take any legal responsibility for the crimes.

In this video, survivors of wartime sexual violence from Congo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uganda, Kosovo and Guinea are encouraging the Asian “comfort woman” to continue to fight for justice.



The 16 Days of Activism campaign 2017:

During the international 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, we are helping spread the message of survivors of sexual violence in conflict zones worldwide. They are members of a growing global movement to fight the use of rape as a weapon of war.

25 November: Statement by Dr Denis Mukwege

27 November: Message from Iraq

28 November: Call for support from Colombia

30 November: A letter to the rapist from Congo

1 December: A video from Bangladesh


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