On June 19, the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, the Colosseum in Rome was lightened to illuminate consciences, bring light to the testimonies of survivors and pay tribute to all women who have suffered from conflict-related sexual violence as part of the “Zero dignity in violence” campaign by Stop Rape Italia and Campagna Italiana Contro le Mine.

Four members of SEMA saw their powerful testimonies projected on the façade of this nearly 2000 year old amphitheatre. A quote from Dr. Denis Mukwege and the logo of the SEMA network were also projected.

Tibisay Ambrosini, coordinator of Stop Rape Italia, believes illuminating the Colosseum is “a step in the process to enlighten consciences, raise awareness to sexual violence in conflict, and ignite hope in survivors themselves. This hope is built on concrete actions that replace indifference with the will to protect and promote the dignity of all human life.”

Watch the video of the Colosseum here:

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