[4:25 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: Why is the world turning a blind eye to these children. If i say the world i mean you and me, because I’m also part of this world. And i have 2 questions i need answers for. The first one is: how do you deal with pain? Im not talking about the surface pain that you can put ointment on a wound and it heals. I’m talking of the innermost pain that you can not share with anyone? Secondly: How do you cope up with sorrow? Because sorrow is the norm of the day to these children. Did they ask to be born that way? Had they been given the option do you think they were going to opt to be born of rape..i dont think so because rape is not something that i would wish even my worst enemy to go through because its horrible. So why are they enduring this pain and sorrow and for how long whilst the world is just a spectator. They are being stigmatized because of how they were born. when it comes to rape culturally its a taboo to talk about it let alone report it. You will be called names and stigmatized not only in the family but the community at large. So can you imagine what we go through everyday with no shoulder to lean on or anyone to call your family. For instance in my case, my daughter is everything to me she is my daughter, my sister and friend. Do you know how painful it is to live a lie the rest of your life. Lying to your child that your father has gone abroad. Maybe i am a bad mother, but take yourself into my shoes, what were you going to say to her. She is just 12years old and is still young to understand. Were you going to tell here the truth. NO because thats emotional blackmail. But what were you going to answer her when she asks you why she is suffering yet his father is abroad. Do you know how painful it is to look at your child looking like a hawk at other children because they are eating an ice cream. Just a mere ice cream. How much is it? But because i can not afford it its super special to her. No roof above your heads. For instance in my case we are renting a single room, where the bed is everthing. We use it as the table as the couch and a sofa. By the end of the day you sleep at the middle of it because its no longer equal. No proper clothing. Nor good education, just going to school just because its their right but not a proper school. Sometimes we go for days without a single meal on the table or a morsel of bread. Dont forget they have no identy. No inheritance. That is why im asking the world why is it turning a blind eye to these innocent children.
[4:25 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: 2) What we and our kids need is moral support. They need identity. I’m not saying be a father to them, but I’m saying identify with them. Be part of them. Feel for them and be like them and you will understand their needs and wants. Financial support. Its not like all survivors did not go to school. But its because we are like lepers in the society. Someone with a tag behind. Not talking about these economical crisis. Our children deserves good education. They are not different from those born out of wedlock. They need shelter, clothing and food. Not forgetting love and protection.
[4:25 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: 3) What these survivors need is medical support. Sorry im going to be a little bit selfish talking much about myself but also on behalf of survivors. I was neglected at the police, same at the hospital because i had no police report. My marriage broke because my husband failed to understand. I didnt receive gynological support until i was 7 months pregnant because i had no money. I was awarded $6500 as physical and emotional damages in 2014 but till to date not even a single dime has been paid. To me justice delayed is justice denied. So how do you expect us to live. Had i been given that money maybe it would have alleviated our poverty. So take your self in my shoes. What would you have done?
[4:25 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: We need justice to be served. These culprits should be brought to book. They must be held accountable. We need reparation.
[4:25 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: There are no programmes in Zimbabwe that support these survivors so i can not say anything. What i can say is there is We are not Weapons of War founded by Celine Bardet, and am the co-ordinator that is starting to help the survivors but its still a baby because of lack of funding
[4:29 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: That is the speech that you were asking for i thought of writing it for you since you did not get access to it.
[4:30 PM, 4/18/2019] Mildred: It was from my heart so I will not forget it so fast

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