The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation and Human Rights Watch have received nearly a million euros from the Dutch Postcode Lottery to facilitate the creation of a global movement of survivors of sexual violence in conflict.

The network of survivors will be active both at global and national levels to end the silence around sexual violence, and to support individuals in conflict zones worldwide to access support services and demand the changes necessary to end the violence and achieve justice.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery supports the development with 965,000 euros.

Building a global survivor movement

At global level, the Movement will cover 15 countries, among them Iraq, Congo, Burundi, Syria, Bosnia and Colombia. Its members will have the opportunities to share experiences and learn from each other, fight for survivors’ rights together and campaign to raise awareness.

In addition to building a global Movement, National Survivor Networks will be established or strengthened in several countries. Through these interconnected networks, survivors will be able to share experiences on building peace and security, collaborate on other key issues in their countries, advocate to influence policies, raise awareness to reduce stigma, implement survivor healing programmes, document and share their stories, demand justice and fight for public recognition of the committed crimes.

Last week, a group of sexual violence survivors from different countries came together for a strategy meeting in The Hague to discuss the next steps.

Dutch Postcode Lottery supports Mukwege Foundation and survivor movement

We are grateful for the generous support of the Postcode Lottery. Its contribution enables the survivors to become and act as true agents of change. We thank all the participants of the Lottery in the Netherlands for their commitment to join hands for a better world.

In total, the Dutch Postcode Lottery donates 357 million euros euros to non-profit organizations and projects in the Netherlands this year – a record.

Thanks to the 2,9 million participants the Lottery is able to support 112 NGOs, among them the Mukwege Foundation and Human Rights Watch.


Photo: Roy Beusker Fotografie

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