‘Sexual violence in DRC is blind. It affects each and every generation – regardless of age, clothes, economic status, religion, or any other factor,’ Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Mukwege tells Lucy Anna Gray in the latest of her series on the ordinary lives of extraordinary women.

The Mukwege Foundation is proud to have contributed to this article by Lucy Gray featuring quotes from Dr Mukwege and Director Esther Dingemans.

“Organisations on a local level are also having a huge impact. For example, the Mukwege Foundation has helped connect more than 1,000 survivors to speak out about what has happened to them, and is making a short fiction movie to challenge stigma in the community.

‘After 20 years of rape there are women who are taking things into their own hands and trying to make change, ‘Esther Dingemans, director of the foundation, says. ”

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