In its efforts to provide holistic support to survivors of sexual violence in conflicts worldwide, the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation is developing partnerships with different expert organizations in France.

Dr. Denis Mukwege, special adviser of the Mukwege Foundation, met with the directors of the Institut Universitaire Varenne and the Pierre Fabre Foundation at the beginning of May in Paris.

Promote holistic model worldwide

The Mukwege Foundation works to promote the holistic model which was developed by Dr. Denis Mukwege at the Panzi hospital in Eastern Congo. Integrated in the ordinary health system, the model provides survivors with medical treatment, psychological and legal assistance and socio-economic support.

Since it was opened in 1999, around 48,000 victims of sexual violence received treatment at Panzi hospital.

The Mukwege Foundation aims to expand this model to conflict zones worldwide and provide survivors of sexual violence in other countries the assistance they need. The Pierre Fabre Foundation confirmed its interest in engaging in this initiative and plans to supports this endeavor in relation to a French-speaking country in Africa.

The engagement between the Mukwege Foundation and Panzi, the Institut Universitaire Varenne, its Varenne Foundation and the Pierre Fabre Foundation, are an important step in order to realize the promotion of holistic services in the health system.

The Pierre Fabre Foundation works to improve access to quality healthcare in developing countries, while the Institut Universitaire Varenne is an expert organization focusing on transitional justice.


Photo: Jean-Pierre Massias (Institut Universitaire Varenne), Béatrice Garrette (Fondation Fabre),  and Dr. Denis Mukwege (Mukwege Foundation). Photo: Institute Universitaire Varenne

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