MOSUCA, the 6th Simone Veil Prize winner for Gender Equality 

In a landmark recognition of their efforts to fight for the rights of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV), MOSUCA, the Mouvement pour les Survivant.e.s de Violences Sexuelles en Centrafrique, was honoured with the prestigious 6th Simone Veil Prize by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 8th March 2024.  

To commemorate this achievement, MOSUCA representatives Miryam Djangala-Fall, coordinator, and Léa Félicité Kongbo, communication focal point, travelled to Paris, France, from 4-8th March 2024 to accept the prize and attend various advocacy meetings and events.  

In addition, Tatiana Mukanire, SEMA member and national coordinator of the Mouvement des Survivant.e.s de Violences Sexuelles in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was also in Paris as part of her role in the Supervisory Board of the NGO Stand Speak Rise Up. It was an opportunity for both Tatiana and Miryam (also a SEMA member) to present and seek support for the work of SEMA, the Global Network of Victims and Survivors to End Wartime Sexual Violence. 

Miryam Mosuca

Photo: Judith Litvine for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic Engagements: Monday, 4th March 2024 

The advocacy journey in Paris began with a meeting with Flavien Mbata, the Central African Republic (CAR) Ambassador in France. This session provided MOSUCA with a platform to share their key advocacy messages directly with CAR’s diplomatic representative, fostering awareness and dialogue around issues of CRSV.

Following this, a welcome meeting was held with Delphine Borione, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ambassador for Human Rights.

This meeting was an excellent opportunity for Miryam Djangala-Fall to present MOSUCA’s mission and vision, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in advancing the human rights agenda and supporting civil society initiatives, especially regarding CRSV.

Forging Collaborative Partnerships: Tuesday 5th March 2024 

MOSUCA’s advocacy tour continued with a visit to the Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis, a one-stop holistic care centre for women in difficulty or victims of violence, including sexual violence.  

This meeting provided an opportunity to understand their holistic care model and to explore potential partnerships and solidarity with the collective “the Maison des femmes” in France, further amplifying support mechanisms for survivors.  

In the latter part of the day, MOSUCA engaged with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), meeting with Alice Bordaçarre (Women’s Rights Desk Director at FIDH), amongst others, exchanging insights on documenting human rights violations, including conflict-related sexual violence.  

Since 1922, FIDH has defended all civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

In CAR, FIDH worked on documenting human rights violations, including CRSV and accompanied victims in their legal proceedings. Discussions centred around the potential collaboration opportunities, including funding mechanisms and initiatives to support survivors of sexual violence in CAR. 

Strengthening Alliances: Wednesday 6th March 2024 

MOSUCA held a pivotal meeting with the Women’s Foundation and LOBA Association, including Anne-Cécile Mailfert, President of la Fondation des Femmes.  

The Fondation des Femmes, created in March 2016, aims to raise funds from the public and companies and redistribute them to associations specializing in women’s rights and the fight against violence against women.  

Miryam and Léa shared the work and actions of MOSUCA at the national level and the work of SEMA at the global level. Moreover, in a meeting with the Feminist Collective Against Rape (CFCV), shared experiences underscored the efficacy of collective action in combating sexual violence and providing support to survivors. CFCV also distributed its legal guidebooks, which are relevant toolkits to support survivors’ networks. 

During a meeting with officials from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SEMA members Miryam and Tatiana presented the achievements and priorities of the global network and discussed funding avenues.  

The meeting was led by Cécile Frobert, Juliette Esneau, Estelle Saint-Cloud, and Emilie Maria to explore support for SEMA’s work. Tatiana and Miryam outlined SEMA’s objectives, prompting discussions on funding mechanisms such as the Fonds Equipe France (FEF) and Support Fund for Feminist Organisations (FSOF).  

These channels offer opportunities for feminist local NGOs, with potential for regional collaboration and large-scale projects.  

The meeting also highlighted dialogue with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to offer SEMA prospects for funding and partnerships, enhancing their advocacy priorities and gender equality worldwide. 

Lea and Miriame

Photo: Judith Litvine for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Solidarity and Advocacy: Thursday 7th March 2024 

MOSUCA’s advocacy journey continued with a meeting with UN Women France, highlighting mutual interests in advancing gender equality and combating gender-based violence.  

As Léa and Miryam, from MOSUCA, and Camille and Clarisse, from the Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation, shared their organisation’s work, discussions centred on potential avenues for collaboration and learning exchanges to further amplify the voices of survivors along with UN Women France.   

The day continued with a gathering at La Maison des femmes de Pantin, where survivors and victims shared their stories and experiences. Miryam and Léa’s heartfelt accounts resonated with the group, fostering a sense of solidarity and empowerment.  

Afterwards, they met with Focus 2030 to present their advocacy work. They highlighted gender equality issues, coinciding with Focus 2030’s special feature on gender inequality. The meeting sparked discussions and inquiries about MOSUCA’s impactful advocacy efforts. 

Celebration and Recognition: Friday 8th March 2024 

The advocacy tour culminated in the prestigious Simone Veil award ceremony, where on behalf of MOSUCA, Miryam Djangala-Fall was honoured for her unwavering commitment to gender equality and survivor advocacy.

The ceremony served as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reaffirming the importance of survivor-led initiatives in driving meaningful change.

Miryam pronounced her speech and shared MOSUCA’s wishes to use the Simone Veil prize money to open a centre for other survivors in Bangui and to fund collective memory initiatives.

To wrap up this advocacy journey, Miryam and Léa engaged with the audience at the round table: “CRSV: witness, repair, prevent.”

You can watch the ceremony here or click the video below:

A way forward

MOSUCA and SEMA’s advocacy journey in Paris exemplifies the power of survivor-led initiatives in fostering resilience, solidarity, and advocacy.

Through collaborative partnerships, diplomatic engagement, and recognition on the global stage, MOSUCA continues to be a beacon of hope for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence at the national and international levels.

Through SEMA, they are driving forward the agenda for justice, accountability, and empowerment.


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