The Mukwege Foundation is hosting a 4-day retreat in Geneva in June with about 30 survivors of sexual violence from more than ten war-affected countries around the globe.

This group includes courageous individuals who have already overcome obstacles to break the silence in their home countries. During the retreat they have the opportunity to connect with each other, share their stories and make concrete action plans for the establishment of national networks and a global movement to end rape as a weapon of war.

Retreat for dialogue of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence

The meeting will not only focus on advocacy plans to affect change, but also encourage dialogue between survivors of conflict-related sexual violence around the world.

Survivors of conflict-related sexual violence face similar obstacles worldwide, whether their old or young, African or European, male of female.

Together, they can overcome these challenges. The June retreat in Geneva offers them the possibility to connect, learn from each other and develop ideas how they can fight sexual violence in conflict together.

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