FAQ About Vacancies

Can you tell me whether I qualify for the role I am interested in?

While we cannot assess individual candidates’ fit for the role before receiving their application, we encourage you to apply if you feel you are a good fit and are motivated to join the Mukwege Foundation. Please, read the skills and competencies required for the role before applying.   

I am interested in volunteering or interning with the Mukwege Foundation. How can I explore this possibility? 

Volunteering opportunities are only available on a case-by-case basis for specific timelines and roles. Kindly visit our vacancies page to find out if there are any upcoming calls for volunteers.

There are no open vacancies, but I would like to apply to work with the Mukwege Foundation. Can I submit an open application to be considered for future roles?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept open applications. We advise you to check our LinkedIn page or website for future vacancies which may be of interest to you.

Can I send my CV to be included in your roster of specialists and trainers? 

No, we don’t add individuals on an ad hoc basis. However, we encourage individuals to respond to our periodic calls for submissions only when we are actively seeking specialists and trainers to join our roster. We invite you to monitor our vacancies page and social media for future calls for submissions. 

Do I need to be based in the Netherlands to apply for a position with the Mukwege Foundation?

We don’t recruit staff on a remote basis.  Please, note that our vacancies always indicate the location of a position. It is key that candidates are based in the location the position is based in or are willing to relocate to the location at their own cost. If you are not based in the position’s location, we ask that you address this in your application.

Do I need to have a work permit or a valid residence permit that allows me to work in the Netherlands, or can the Mukwege Foundation sponsor my work permit? 

For positions in the Netherlands, it is essential to have a valid work permit. Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor work permits for candidates. Applicants must independently have the necessary work permission. 

I have questions about the role. Can I discuss these with you before applying? 

To ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process, all applicants will receive the same information. If you have questions about the role, we recommend reviewing the available materials, such as the job description and the website of the Mukwege Foundation. 

The role I am interested in says the location is hybrid. What does that mean? 

It means that we work 50% from home and 50% from the office. We have our headquarters office in The Hague and our in-person workdays are currently Tuesday and Thursday. We appreciate the flexibility working from home gives and the added value of having collaboration days in the office. 

Will my commuting costs be paid for when I come to the office?

Yes. We cover the full costs of employee commutes by public transport to the Mukwege Foundation office. 

Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

Yes, you are welcome to submit applications for more than one available vacancy. Please, mention the roles you’re applying for in your application email.

How long is the response time for applications submitted to your organization?

We do our very best to inform candidates about the outcome of their application. Some recruitments can take up to 3 months. If you haven’t heard from us during this period, unfortunately, your application has not been successful. We appreciate your interest in applying and encourage you to look at our website and social media for future applications. 

How often do you post new vacancies?

We are a growing organisation and post new vacancies on a somewhat regular basis. We advertise all open vacancies on our social media and encourage you to follow us to learn about new positions.

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