The Mukwege Foundation is successfully building new partnerships to expand the holistic model of care in Congo, which includes medical, psychological, legal and socio-economic support for victims of sexual violence. With the support of the Fondation Pierre Fabre, the model will be replicated at the hospital in Bulenga, South Kivu.

The facility in Bulenga, located 165 kilometres from Panzi in another area affected by the conflict, has 62 beds and currently sees 1,800 patients a year, but lacks the human and material resources it needs.

The Mukwege Foundation is promoting the holistic model of care at Panzi Hospital in Congo and is building partnerships with organizations worldwide.

The Fondation Pierre Fabre will fund all activities related to providing medical care to the victims at this hospital for the next two years and will work with Dr Mukwege’s team to assess how this structure can be sustained.

The Fondation Pierre Fabre is a French-based philanthropic organization dedicated to improve the access to healthcare and medicines for people in the least-developed countries and crises.


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