Collective Memory Exhibition: We Are Speaking, Are You Listening?

The 2023 SEMA Art exhibition “We Are Speaking, Are You Listening?” was inaugurated in Kenya.

Jaqueline Mutere, SEMA member from Kenya, opened the exhibition with the reading of the poem “We Rise” that she wrote on behalf of SEMA members.  

This reading performance was followed by a collective performance from all the survivors attending the retreat who went on stage to sing the new SEMA song “Freedom is here”.

The exhibition aimed to convey messages of memory and community and sustain the narrative, reflecting SEMA’s long-term commitment to multiple exhibitions, each highlighting different facets of collective memory work.

Download the full exhibition

The full catalogue comprises more than 28 artworks from 13 out of the 26 SEMA countries ranging from a display of songs, poems, and letters to children born as a result of CRSV, drawings and photos to documentaries, body maps, testimonies of survivors, portraits of SEMA members and quotes by survivors Click on the image below.  

Cover of We are Speaking, are you listening catalogue


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Cover in French for the exhibition We are speaking, are you listening?

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