On Thursday, the Mukwege Foundation celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Tatiana Mukanire of the Movement of Survivors in DRC got together with the members of SEMA, the global network of survivors to wish the Mukwege Foundation a happy birthday.

The messages and memories came pouring in from around the world.

We received two great videos from Colombia, from Angela and Pilar and Nancy and Carmen. They put together such great messages and photos and edited them together into wonderful tributes.

Carmen, SEMA member from Colombia

Asmaou, president of AVIPA in Guinea sent this message: “Happy birthday to us survivors of the Denis Mukwege movement. May God watch over us survivors with our dear Dr. Denis Mukwege the savior of all women victims of sexual violence in the world.”

Oumou from Guinea also posted a video as well.

Asmaou Diallo with survivors and others


Sylvia Achan says “Happy Birthday Mukwege Foundation” and posted this group picture:


Tatiana and Mwamini of the Movement in DRC posted videos of themselves thanking the Mukwege Foundation. You can see Tatiana’s video here and Mwamini’s video here.


Feride Rushiti of KRCT in Kosovo posted this message and picture:

SEMA member Shyrete left a message saying, “Happy Anniversary Mukwege Foundation team! You make the diference to sexual violence victims in armed conflict. Also from Kosovo, SEMA member Vasfije posted this video as well.

Assetou in Mali sent a few pictures including this one of herself and Dr. Mukwege in Luxembourg.

One survivor in Guatemala as well recorded a video with the message, “Thank you for joining us and being together in this fight.”


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