Early September, members of the national Survivor Movement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) participated in a training on advocacy, communication, budget management and fundraising.

The training lasted 4 days and took place in two cities in the East of the country, gathering each time 15 participants. The objective was to share with the Movement members the skills that will allow them to become an independent and sustainable network in the future.

Sexual violence survivor network in Congo growing together

During the training, the participants defined their advocacy objectives and identified their targets – whether the youth, the politicians, or international organisations for instance – that will help them reach these objectives. They also practised talking to decision-makers and introducing their work in a powerful and compelling manner.

The participants filled in a real grant proposal and learned useful tips for fundraising. One of the participants said: “This was more than a training, we were ‘learning by doing’ and growing together as a network.”

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