Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

The Mukwege Foundation

Who we are

The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation is an international human rights organization working to end sexual violence in wars. We draw attention to the most shameful crimes during conflicts and support survivors rebuilding their futures.


Together with our special adviser, the Congolese gynecologist and women’s rights activist Dr. Denis Mukwege, we are working towards a world where sexual violence is no longer used as a weapon and survivors receive the care they need.

We promote holistic quality care for survivors of sexual violence in conflicts worldwide.

We support programs for survivors, implemented by Dr. Mukwege’s Panzi Foundation and Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We work with governments to enforce the norms and laws prohibiting sexual violence and call on decision-makers to take action.


The Mukwege Foundation and Panzi

Dr. Denis Mukwege founded Panzi Hospital which is supported by Fondation Panzi in DRC. Its sister organisation, the US based Panzi Foundation, raises funds in the United States and makes strategic investments at Panzi Hospital and Panzi Foundation DRC.

The Mukwege Foundation collaborates with Panzi. We support the foundation and the hospital in the DRC through fundraising and the development of international partnerships. Together with the team in Congo, we promote the holistic model of care worldwide. Our goal is to support the application of best-practices and the outstanding experience from DRC in other conflict-affected countries.

While the Panzi Foundations work to support victims of sexual violence in Congo, the Mukwege Foundation follows a global approach by connecting survivors worldwide and engage in international advocacy to end wartime sexual violence globally.


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According to the Foundation’s policies, board members are not remunerated, but may claim compensation for reasonable expenses. The Foundation’s staff is currently employed either through a payrolling company or on consultant contract.

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