Why is rape used in wars?

In conflicts around the world, sexual violence is used systematically as a method of warfare.

Armies and rebel groups rape women and girls, but also men and boys, in an attempt to destroy and terrorize the population. Mass rape is a cheap and effective weapon with devastating consequences.

Large-scale sexual violence such as gang rape and sexual slavery causes severe medical and psychological harm to the victims. It destroys family bonds, spreads diseases and breaks down entire societies.

However, rape never happens accidentally. It is committed intentionally. Therefore, it can be stopped.

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What do we do?

Together with survivors, we are working towards a world where sexual violence is absent from the battlefields.

Our special advisor, the world-renowned Congolese gynaecologist Dr Denis Mukwege, is a global human rights activist and leading expert in the treatment of rape victims. We take his outstanding expertise and activism to a global level.

Our goal is to provide survivors of sexual violence worldwide with access to quality holistic care which includes medical and psychological treatment, legal assistance and social support. We support Dr Mukwege’s Panzi Hospital in Eastern Congo.

At a global level, we connect survivors from different conflict zones and work with governments to draw a red line against the use of sexual violence in conflict. In the world we envision, rape is no longer tolerated.

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