Call for Volunteer: Translators

Through the SEMA Network, the Mukwege Foundation supports victims and survivors of conflict-related sexual violence from 26 countries to unite, stand up for their rights, learn from each other and conduct international advocacy around sexual violence in conflict and its long-term consequences.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been organising more and more online meetings and webinars with the members of SEMA. Thus, we are looking for professional interpreters who are interested in volunteering with us.

If you are a professional interpreter and want to be involved in something meaningful, we would like to welcome you into our team of volunteer translators and interpreters.


We are primarily looking for translators and live interpreters for the following language combinations:

English – Ukrainian


English – Bosnian

English – Albanian

English – Kurdish

English – Nepali

Interested? Send an email to Camille Risler, Programme Manager Global SEMA Network:

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