Call for Consultants: Information Management Specialist

The Mukwege Foundation (MF) seeks to recruit a specialist consultant, with expertise and experience data-security and information-management systems, for an assignment to be conducted partially in Bangui, Central African Republic. We are seeking a consultant with knowledge and experience in these areas, specifically tailored to setting up systems for managing confidential or otherwise sensitive data, related to patients, victims of conflict-related sexual violence, victims of sexual and gender-based violence, children affected by armed conflict and more. 

The consultant will accompany MF, over the course of 3 months, to fulfil its responsibilities as part of a consortium on a program focused on Interim Reparative Measures (IRM) – related to secure information management and effective case-management. Specifically, the consultant will produce the following deliverables: 

  1. A feasibility study with recommendations for MF and the IRM program consortium on information management systems that could be put to use as part of the project, and 
  1. A brief final report of the assignment  (of max. 10 pages) including proposed work-plan for implementing recommendations emerging from final workshop and the feasibility study. 

A maximum of 30 (8-hour) work-days, is expected for this assignment, including up to 20 days of field-work in Central African Republic. 

We would expect field-work to be conducted between October and November 2023. 

Please download the Terms of Reference at the bottom of this page for full details. Proposals must be submitted by 11.59pm CET, October 15th 2023.

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