Tatiana Mukanire is a founding member of SEMA – the global network of survivors to end wartime sexual violence. She is also the national coordinator of the survivor network in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

‘“‘Nothing about us, without us’ – I ascribe to this ethic 100%. Not for survivors, but with survivors. It is important to have survivors’ voices heard. Survivors tend not to be consulted, but no one knows their pain better than they do.”


Outspoken activist and advocate

Her experiences with other survivors in the SEMA network inspired her to become an activist, speaking out on behalf of other survivors for their rights: “At the first SEMA retreat in Geneva I met people who had achieved things in their own countries – who were also survivors. I realised that I could do the same.”

Tatiana believes passionately that survivors should take the lead in the fight against wartime sexual violence. She founded the national survivor network in DRC with a group of survivors to do just that. The network now has more than 3500 members across four provinces. It has created a much-needed place for mutual support between survivors in Congolese society, and a platform for them to speak out and break the silence about what has happened to them.

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The film SEMA

The DRC survivors’ network draws on their experiences to make people aware of the real consequences of wartime sexual violence. 

Tatiana and more than 60 survivors came together to write and produce a screenplay based on their own lived experiences. Their film tells the stories of two women who have survived brutal sexual violence and takes you through their heartbreaks as well as their fight to find hope and justice. 

Directed by Macherie Ekwa Bahango, the film became a moving part of the survivors’ own healing processes as many survivors from the DRC network volunteered to act in it.    

‘Sema’ had its premiere on International Women’s Day 2020 at the DC Independent Film Festival, where it won the prize for best International Film.

Watch the film SEMA here  

*SENSITIVE CONTENT: This film contains sensitive content which some people may find disturbing.

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