How we fight sexual violence

Our work

Building a global movement of survivors

Victims of conflict-related sexual violence worldwide struggle with similar problems, like rejection, trauma and stigmatization. We facilitate their dialogue with each other and provide an advocacy platform. A global movement of survivors offers new avenues for the healing process of individuals and a powerful tool to have their voices heard at the global level.

Bringing committed governments together

States have a legal and moral responsibility to protect their citizens and provide reparations when they failed to do so. We bring like-minded governments together to inspire joint action, for example through monitoring, sanctioning and the creation of an international reparations system for victims of conflict-related sexual violence.

Transferring knowledge of victim support

Dr Denis Mukwege and his team at Panzi Hospital in Eastern Congo have developed world-leading expertise in treating the victims of sexual violence. We are assisting the team in training practitioners in other conflict-affected countries and applying the successful holistic model of care which includes medical, psychological, legal and socio-economic support.