Ensure accountability for sexual violence

States have a legal and moral responsibility to protect their citizens and ensure perpetrators are held to account. We bring like-minded governments together to inspire joint action, for example through monitoring and the systematic use of sanctions.

Sexual violence is used as a method of warfare in conflicts worldwide. Despite the adoption of several resolutions by the UN Security Council, the international community is lacking behind its commitment to prevent and stop the violence, and ensure that perpetrators are held to account. The international response to conflict-related sexual violence in conflict lacks the ambition and the success we have seen in other fields of civilian protection.

Given its widespread occurrence, large-scale sexual violence requires a systematic approach and united international action.

We aim to bring together like-minded governments and organisations that are willing to act and to take moral leadership.

Through high-level advocacy, we work with governments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations to improve the monitoring of wartime sexual violence worldwide. The collaboration between grassroots and international human rights organisations ensures close monitoring and the availability of more accurate data on the prevalence of rape as a weapon of war.

Diplomats at the Security Council. Photo: UN-Photo/Amanda Voisard
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