Our strategy

Advocacy and campaigning at the international level to bring systemic change. Country-based programmes to plant seeds of transformative change for survivors and communities. Survivors’ voices at the basis of all we do.


Wartime rape survivors speak out, organise and act.

At the international level, the voice of survivors worldwide is present in all discussions on justice, peace and women’s rights. At the county level, survivors organise at locally and nationally, and take action according to their priorities.


Universal access to holistic care for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence

At the international level, access to holistic care is recognised as a human rights standard and implemented in national and international health policies. At the country level, the holistic care model is implemented in several countries as a best practice.


Universal access to reparations for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence

At the international level, a universal reparations mechanism for survivors of wartime rape has been established and strengthens accountability of the international community. At the national level, local reparations mechanisms are implemented and accessible to all survivors.

Hold to account

Perpetrators of crimes are held accountable, whether individuals or states who fail to act

The international community draws a red line against rape as a weapon of war and strengthens accountability mechanisms against states and individuals. At country level, innovative initiatives contribute to hold states and individuals accountable.