Our team


The Mukwege Foundation is made up of an international team of experts with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Together, we work to end wartime sexual violence.

Esther Dingemans


Since 2000, Esther Dingemans dedicated her career to implement prevention and response programmes for conflict-related sexual violence. She worked for UN agencies and NGOs in Guinea, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Darfur, Colombia and Syria, and managed major humanitarian programmes in the field of gender-based violence and gender mainstreaming. She led capacity building projects in other conflict-affected countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Esther worked for the UN refugee agency UNHCR in Geneva to train humanitarian workers in understanding and implementing strategies to prevent and respond to gender-based violence.

Katrien Coppens

Director of Programmes and Operations

Katrien Coppens has extensive experience  in  humanitarian aid and advocacy. From from 1997 to 2019, Ms. Coppens worked for Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) in various capacities: Advisor for Humanitarian Affairs,  Country Coordinator Sierra Leone, Operational Advisor, and 6 years as Operational Manager responsible for the medical humanitarian programs in the Democratic Republic Congo, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iraq, Colombia and Haiti. She also served from 2012 till 2019 as Delegate Director for MSF Holland. She has also worked as staff member and interim-head of the department of International Humanitarian Law of Red Cross Holland.  Katrien has a Master in International and Humanitarian Law and a master in Cultural Anthropology.

Tammy Sheldon

Senior Project Manager

Born in Thailand, Tammy spent her formative years in Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. She has twelve years experience in project development, project management, community outreach, and grassroots organising, and has worked internationally in both the private and non-profit sectors, in countries such as the U.S., Kenya, and the Netherlands. As the senior project manager, Tammy leads coordination of SEMA, the Global Network of Victims and Survivors to End Wartime Sexual Violence. Prior to joining the Mukwege Foundation, Tammy was lead organiser at Women’s March Netherlands, managing national strategy, developing partnerships, and advocating for women’s rights, both on and offline. She is passionate about social justice, and loves finding ways to link people and opportunities.

Debby Gruiters

Head of Operations

After finishing her bachelor in European Studies, Debby moved to Rome (Italy) for 8 years, where she gained experience in institutional fundraising and project management while enjoying the great Mediterranean climate and food culture at the same time. Back in The Netherlands, she decided that her heart was set on working in the non-profit sector, and helped several NGOs set up their fundraising departments. She joined the Mukwege Foundation in March 2017, initially as Fundraising Manager, and is now Head of Operations, responsible for Fundraising, Finance and HR.


Raegan Hodge

Communications Manager

Formerly a white water raft guide and reality television producer and videographer, Raegan was commissioned by CARE USA to make a series of films in Afghanistan. The experience inspired Raegan to focus her career in the non-profit/ NGO sector. From the rights of domestic servants in Guatemala to the cycle of hunger in Niger, Raegan has created over 40 media projects for CARE, UNICEF, USAID, World Animal Protection and Compassion in World Farming. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Forbes, CNN, The John Oliver Show and others. Based in Amsterdam, Raegan joined the Mukwege Foundation at The Hague office in April 2019 as Communications Manager.

Malini Laxminarayan

Programme Officer

Malini Laxminarayan has conducted research for the last 8 years in areas related to victim rights and access to justice. Her victimological background began during her doctoral research, “The Heterogeneity of Crime Victims: Procedural and Outcome Preferences.” Following this, she worked as a project coordinator at the European Forum for Restorative justice, with the aim of bringing more attention to the field of restorative justice and increasing its accessibility. Her most recent role before beginning as Programme Officer at the Mukwege Foundation was Senior Researcher at the Hague Institute for Global Justice, where Malini worked on projects related to transitional justice, restorative justice and access to justice from a socio-legal perspective. Much of her work has focused on violence against women and improving their legal position. Malini is coordinating the global survivor network project at the Mukwege Foundation.

Dominique Vidale-Plaza

Gender-based Violence Specialist

A citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, Dominique joined the Mukwege Foundation team in March 2019. She worked at Panzi Hospital and Foundation in the DRC between 2011 and 2015 on the holistic care model before later joining the UN peacekeeping mission as a Women Protection Advisor, then UNICEF as a Child Protection Specialist. While with the UN, Dominique specialized in coordination, multi-sectoral assistance for sexual violence survivors, sexual exploitation and abuse cases and gender sensitive care for child ex-combatants. She has since worked as a consultant on short-term assignments with the World Bank Inspection Panel, Health Focus, IOM and the Swiss government among other clients. She is particularly interested in militarization, civilian protection, post-conflict rebuilding and advocating for justice for victims of conflict related sexual violence. Dominique loves New Yorker essays, long-distance running and fighting single-use plastic.

Siobhan Richards

Fundraising Officer

Siobhan has experience of both fundraising and grant-making gained in the UK and the Netherlands.  Her diverse experience includes public-facing roles as a trainer and coach, managing partnerships and networks, and support and capacity building in the non-profit sector. Prior to her work for the Mukwege Foundation she worked for the Heritage Lottery Fund in the UK, and as a freelance entrepreneur in the Netherlands. She joined the Mukwege Foundation in January 2018, and works as a fundraising officer.

Maud-Salomé Ekila

Communications Officer

Maud-Salomé Ekila is a Congolese journalist and documentary-maker. She has worked as TV host for daily news programmes of different channels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and was the editor-in-chief of the channel “Tele Haiti” in Port-Au-Prince. Most of her documentary work focuses on the history of Africa and people of African descend. In 2009, her documentary “Kongo’s of Martinique” was released. She is an activist, fighting impunity and the marginalisation of Africans in the world. She has been working for Dr Denis Mukwege since 2012 and produced the documentary “The Hospital of Doctor Mukwege” the same year. She is now communications officer for Dr Denis Mukwege and Panzi Foundation in DRC and joined the team of Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation in 2018.

Sadaf Kaykha

Programme Officer

Born in Iran, Sadaf grew up in France and moved to the Netherlands to complete her university degree. She has a Masters in Business Administration and more than ten years of experience in programs and management. Sadaf is passionate about helping others; she transitioned from privately held companies and corporations to the non-profit humanitarian sector in order to pursue her goal of doing meaningful and socially responsible work. Sadaf joined the Mukwege Foundation in January 2020 as programme officer in charge of coordinating the national survivor networks in French-speaking countries.

Suzanne Edelkamp

Project & Fundraising Officer

A passionate supporter of human and women’s rights, Suzanne focused on sexual violence in conflict affected regions during her Advanced Master in International Relations and Diplomacy studies at Leiden University. She gained experience at a broad range of international organisations, such as UNHCR and the Netherland Permanent Mission to the United Nations. She has proven experience in fundraising and marketing and is ambitiously developing her project management skills. She started as a communications and fundraising intern and is now focusing on individual fundraising and the management of projects and the portfolio. Besides being an activist passionate about fighting conflict-related sexual violence, she enjoys reading philosophy and traveling.

Brynn Campbell

Office Manager & Project Assistant

During Brynn’s studies in criminal justice and forensics, she gained experience within the Minnesota state prison and county court, where she observed the lack of a “victim justice” system to accompany criminal justice. This realisation shifted her passion towards victim advocacy and non-traditional forms of justice. She moved to the Netherlands to pursue her passion for international justice and joined our team in February 2019, first as a Fundraising Intern and now as the Office Manager. Her main responsibilities are financial and general administration, as well international event coordination. Her deepest ambition is to ensure access to justice that is separate from the criminal justice system, specifically for survivors of sexual violence.


Special Adviser

Dr Denis Mukwege is a world-renowned gynaecologist and human rights activist from east Congo. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for his global efforts to end the use of rape as a weapon of war. Mukwege founded Panzi Hospital and Foundation and has become the world’s leading specialist on the treatment of wartime sexual violence.

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