Remember the Mukwege Foundation in your will

When you plan your last will and testament you are ensuring that the people and causes that are most important to you are remembered in the future. 

Remembering us in your will is a great way to continue your support of our work in the years ahead.

Your legal or financial adviser can specify the exact words and type of gift which suits your circumstances best. Your legacy can be either a sum of money, or a share of your total estate after all other payments have been deducted.

If you already have a will you can update it with a simple codicil which your solicitor can help you to draw up.

We fully recognise this is a private gift and that your circumstances might change in the future. You are always free to modify your will in the future, without having to give us any explanation.

Information for your legal advisor

You need the following information to share with your solicitor to remember the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation in your will:

Name: Stichting Dr. Denis Mukwege

Address: Alexanderveld 5, 2585DB The Hague, The Netherlands.

Date of establishment: 18-06-2015

RSIN: 855284675

Chamber of Commerce: 63545861


If you have any further questions about including the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation in your will, you can contact Siobhan Richards by sending an email to

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