Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant - Global Survivor Movement

About us

The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation is an international human rights organisation working together with survivors of wartime sexual violence from around the world. Drawing attention to the most shameful crimes committed during conflicts, the Foundation envisions a world in which rape as a weapon of war is no longer tolerated.

Consultancy summary

Are you experienced in monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development projects? Do you have experience with project design and management in countries affected by conflict? The Mukwege Foundation is currently seeking a consultant to help understand and measure the impact of a global network of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.

The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation is seeking a passionate, creative and qualified consultant to assist the Mukwege Foundation team over a period of 3 months in conducting the monitoring and evaluation of a survivor-centred project and its potential future iterations. This consultant will conduct a final evaluation of the project, explained in more detail at the link below, utilizing mixed methods to understand the degree to which the project has achieved its planned outcomes and contributed to desired changes. Teams that bring together relevant expertise related to this assignment are encouraged to apply.

The detailed call for proposals can be found here: Call for Consultants

Evaluation method and criteria:

The consultant or team will utilise mixed methods and data for the purposes of the evaluation and will collect data remotely. Survivor participation will be paramount in the process of conducting this assignment. Key evaluation criteria are:

  • Literature review
  • Relavance
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Impact

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • Experience in the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development projects, including in conducting complex impact evaluations;
  • Experience in project design (logical framework analysis approaches and theories of change) and management;
  • Expertise in prevention and response to SGBV will be an asset;
  • The candidate must read, speak and write English fluently; French will be an asset;
  • Professional experience in countries affected by conflict is preferred.

Budget and timeline
The final deliverables of the evaluation are expected by August 15th, 2020 and only financial offers up to a maximum of 30,000 Euro will be accepted. The inception report including the literature review, methodology and tools is expected to be completed by June 1st 2020.

To bid

Interested candidates must provide a full proposal covering the following aspects:
I. Understanding of the objectives of the evaluation;
II. A proposed methodology;
III. A well-informed approach to the participation of survivors in the study;
IV. Approaches to ethics, “Do no harm” and gender mainstreaming;
V. A proposed timeline for completing the assignment;
VII. An indicative financial proposal including daily rates, software costs and other expenses.

Proposals must be submitted by the end of May 4th 2020, 11.59pm in The Netherlands, in English via email to Brynn Campbell at campbell@mukwegefoundation.org including “M&E SEMA Consultant” in the subject line.


For any question related to this study, please contact Malini at malini@mukwegefoundation.org. We encourage serious applicants to send in any questions for clarification, if any, before the end of the day on April 27th, 2020 (Netherlands).