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In recent years, the use of rape in wars has gained increasing attention. In the last decade, politicians, lawyers and decision-makers started to recognize that sexual violence in conflict is a problem that should concern humanity as a whole.

We have a unique opportunity to use this momentum and accelerate our efforts all over the world.

Through our work, we have an impact at the global level by addressing the structural problems, and at the local level by supporting programs for survivors.




In 2016, through our financial and logistical support


doctors from different provinces in Congo received a comprehensive two- or three month training which enables them to perform fistula operations in their own villages.



people are reached on Facebook every week on average.



Le Monde
Paris Match
Voice of America
Svenska Dagbladet

as well as other media outlets from around the world reported on our work. We reach people worldwide and in different languages.


Photo: Daniel Musaka for Panzi Hospital and Foundations



women in three regions in Congo were operated on.
91 women suffered from urinary fistula, 7 suffered
from rectovaginal fistula and 2 suffered from both.



of the operations on rectovaginal fistulas
were successful. With urinary fistula, the
rate was even higher: 100% of the
women were operated on successfully

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